About us

Our Story

Our story began in a quest to create great tasting, nutritious, convenient and versatile açaí based products. Focusing heavily on quality has always been our motto.

Being açaí lovers since a young age, we grew deeply unsatisfied with what the açaí products in the market and decided to take matters into our own hands. Voilà!

B.You portfolio has now evolved to other super fruits, which we are super proud of, such as acerola, pink dragon fruit and avocado. With certainly many others to come, but always keeping our core focus on innovation and quality, while also contributing to develop the socio-economic regions where these superfoods come from.

Our vision is to educate and transform consumer sentiment and overall adoption towards the superfood market, because at the end….


The name

B.You is a monosyllabic word. It brings irreverence. It has rhythm. And a pause. It appeals to ones’ authenticity. It has attitude.
Essentially it is about you and how you view things.
It connotes a sense of self fulfillment rather than something that is imposed. This is how we want you to view yourself. This is how we want you to view the world.


To develop and globally distribute natural Brazilian superfoods, constantly innovating to achieve great taste, premium quality, and maximum convenience, while supporting socieconomic development and environmental preservation in the Amazonian communities.


  • Proactive & Enthusiastic
  • Visionary Mindset
  • Honest & Integrous
  • Cutting-edge Knowledge
  • Humbly Curious
  • Always Resilient


To become a world reference in high quality Brazilian natural superfoods.

Want to be a partner?

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Thank you for your interest in B.you Superfoods‘ products. As soon as possible, one of our sales representatives will contact you to better understand your needs and provide you with the best option for you.

In the meantime, take the time to browse our website and social media and learn about the benefits you can offer your customers with Açaí and other superfoods for distributors.