B.You is in a constant look for local partners across the globe to help us spread a natural lifestyle.

We believe in collaborating with and count on local distributors and wholesalers to help us speed the process of entering new markets, while we provide all the marketing and merchandising material to help promote the brand and our products in the most efficient way.

Our business model of contributing with the necessary brand and product knowledge and expertise linked to the local market knowledge of our distributors and wholesalers, is a proven success and has allowed and will continue to allow us to create a solid foundation in the most competitive markets there are.
Regardless, if you are from a country where açaí is already consolidated or still not present, we will be able to present a feasible proposal so we can continue to spread this superfruit to as many people as possible, in a consistently profitable manner, always eyeing for long-term success.

We are eager to hear more about your desires and for our brand and products in your country or region.

We are here to create a movement that promotes natural, healthy and tasty nutrition in a versatile and convenient way. That’s why we praise your necessities, interests and desires and can’t wait to hear more about your thoughts and questions, to be able to spread this lifestyle to all!