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About us

Our Story

Our story begins with two brothers and a love for açaí. After having lived abroad for over 10 years each, Maurício and Marcelo Matos came back to their motherland, Brazil, and in 2016 started their journey in the food industry. Being açaí lovers since a young age, they grew deeply unsatisfied with the açaí products in the market and decided to take matters into their own hands.

That’s when B.you was born, in a quest to propagate a new way to consume açaí: with more purpose, quality of life and always caring about the impact on others and the environment.

The two brothers were able to structure a global distribution network to bring consumers greater accessibility to not only açaí. B.you portfolio has now evolved to other superfoods, which we are super proud of, such as pitaya (pink dragon fruit), avocado, and acerola. With certainly many others to come, but always keeping our core focus on innovation and quality, we also seek to contribute to the development of socio-economic regions where these superfoods come from.

Our vision is to educate and transform consumer sentiment and overall adoption of the superfood market, because in the end…


About Us
About Us

The name

B.you is a monosyllabic word. It brings irreverence. It has rhythm. And a pause. It appeals to ones’ authenticity. It has attitude.

Essentially it is about you and how you view things.
It connotes a sense of self fulfillment rather than something that is imposed. This is how we want you to view yourself. This is how we want you to view the world.


To develop and globally distribute natural Brazilian superfoods, constantly innovating to achieve great taste, premium quality, and maximum convenience, while supporting socieconomic development and environmental preservation in the Amazonian communities.


  • Proactive & Enthusiastic
  • Visionary Mindset
  • Honest & Integrous
  • Cutting-edge Knowledge
  • Always Resilient
  • Reciprocity


To become a world reference in high quality Brazilian natural superfoods.

Dive deeper into our inspiring journey and discover the heart and soul behind B.You in an Exclusive Interview by Delivery Rank. Immerse yourself in the personal experiences of one of our beloved founders as they share their vision, passion, and unwavering commitment to creating a positive change in the world through our delicious and nutritious superfood offerings.

About Us

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